CPI Automatic Splice Connectors are designed as a permanent or temporary connection on AAC, ACSR or AAAC conductor in full or partial tension applications.

The unique open design helps overcome the two most common reasons for splice failure, improper installation and corrosion. The window allows the Lineman to see when the wire is fully inserted properly and prevents water and other contamination from building up inside of the connector.

The splice is constructed using the finest extruded aluminum alloys for optimal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

  • The only Automatic Splice where you can see that the wire is fully inserted and installed properly.
  • There is no need to mark and measure the depth of cable insertion.
  • The open Architecture helps prevent corrosion by allowing water and contamination to drain.
  • Stainless Steel Springs resist corrosion.
  • Synthetic Inhibitor grease is factory applied to all conductive points to help prevent corrosion.
  • Tested to ANSI C119.4 specifications for Class A connector.
  • Minimum 5% tension needed to maintain electrical connection.
  • Positive center stop for conductor.
  • Minimal distance lost when sagging conductor.
  • Chamfered wedges aid cable insertion.
  • 4:1 surface area vs. cable for optimal conductivity.
  • Slider handle allows the splice to be released if needed.
  • Individually packaged in sealed plastic bags to prevent contamination before use.


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