CPI Ground Grid Connectors are a Safe, Fast and Dependable Method of making permanent wire-to-wire and wire-to-rod connections for a variety of grounding applications.

This product uses a special Shear-Head bolt to drive a wedge into the connector to activate the connector. When the proper torque and spring tension is achieved, the bolt head shears off, giving the installer a positive indication of an optimum connection.

  • Requires NO Special Molds, Chemicals, Tools, Crimping Dies, or Fire-On Charges.
  • Can be fully installed with a common socket, impact or ratchet wrench.
  • There are no temperature or weather restrictions for installation. This product can be installed no matter what environment exists at the job site.
  • The Shear-Head bolt ensures consistency of application and positive verification of a completed connection.
  • Constructed using the highest quality Copper and Bronze Alloys to ensure conductivity and durability for reliable performance.
  • Fully tested to IEEE standard 837.
  • 1. Mechanical Pullout
  • 2. Electromagnetic Force
  • 3. Current-Temperature Cycling
  • 4. Freeze-Thaw
  • 5. Corrosion-Nitric Acid
  • 6. Fault Current, 35 kA rms. sym. at .02 sec.
  • 7. Thermal Shock and Accelerated Corrosion
  • Typical Applications include:
  • 1. Substation Ground Grids
  • 2. Pole grounds transmission line grounding
  • 3. Industrial/Residential service grounds
  • 4. Pad Mount Transformers
  • 5. Telco distribution, CATV grounds
  • 6. Wind Farms


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