CPI HTC Series connectors are designed for use as a permanent or temporary connection on Aluminum or Copper wire.

Through utilization of the wedge principal, the HTC series tap maximizes connecting force on the conductor and creates a self-maintaining spring wedge connection.

The elastic spring connecting force created by the connector ensures the ability of the HTC to stay tight during service by overcoming the problems associated with heat cycling.

  • Full-current rated connector for use as an in-line jumper OR device tap.
  • An increased conductive path and surface contact area between the main and
    tap line increases current ampacity rating.
  • Typical applications are transformers, lightning arrestors, cutouts, etc.
  • Can be installed directly to the main line. No need for using a bail or stirrup.
  • Incorporates the use of a Stainless Steel eye bolt for increased strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Constructed of 6061-T6 structural aluminum alloy to provide high strength and conductivity.
  • Exclusive high-conductivity grit type corrosion inhibitor is factory applied for ease of installation and longevity while the connector is in service.
  • Remains permanently locked through fault current or power surges.
  • Horizontal wedge action prevents the conductor form “sticking” during the removal process.
  • Easy to remove without damaging cable.


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