Some examples are in mounting sectionalizing switches, connecting compression lugs for risers or various uses in Sub Stations.

Pad Tap Connectors are extremely beneficial in applications that may need to be Disconnected.

During installation, when proper spring tension and torque is achieved, the Shear Head Bolt will break off giving the installer a positive indication of a correctly completed connection.

  • Easy to remove and re-use without damaging the conductor.
  • Available in NEMA standard 2-Hole or 4-Hole patterns.
  • Utilizes the industry-proven Wedge Connecting principle and is quick and easy to apply with a common socket or impact wrench. NO SPECIAL TOOLS.
  • The “Spring-Like” qualities of the C-Body ensure permanent connection and maintains consistent pressure on the conductors.
  • Installation time is quicker than conventional crimp-type or molded joints.
  • Easily adaptable to standard hot-stick tools.
  • High-conductivity grit type corrosion inhibitor is factory applied for ease of installation and longevity while the connector is in service.
  • Meets or exceeds the current carrying capacity of the conductors being connected.
  • Remains permanently locked through fault current or power surges.
  • May be used in non-corrosive environments to connect copper conductors.
  • Excellent option for emergency restoration where outside crews might not have shooton or compression tooling.


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